What makes us different from the competition?

When it comes to designing your home or development, you have countless option to choose from. Check out the below list which confirms why we are different from the competition!

  1. 96% Success Rate!

Did you know that we have a 96% success rate in obtaining Planning Permit approvals from Council?

We work with you to ensure you get the most from your property, whilst ensuring we are designing within Council’s guidelines.

  1. Consultant Relationships

We have a team of external consultants which we have a close affiliation with over the years. We will request quotes on your behalf and send them to you to consider. This will be done as information is required. We know their standard of work, and they know what information we are looking for. As such, they quote accordingly and provide the best quality of documentation in an economical manner.

  1. Council Relationships

Over the years, we have developed excellent working relationships with a number of Council’s, near and far. This is a relationship we are extremely proud of and one we continue to nurture, as we progress through every application.

This provides us with a supportive and open relationship with the planning team to ensure that we are able to obtain your all-important Permit & get you the best possible outcome.

  1. Personal Designer

You will be assigned to a designer who will handle your project from beginning to end! This ensures that you will always have a direct person to contact for all queries, no matter what stage your project is at.

Your designer will be all over your needs, communication, and design details from the get go.

  1. Working as a Team

Throughout the office, bouncing ideas off each other is a big part of our structure. We pride ourselves in having designers with all levels of experience, work backgrounds, and styles. This provides us with valuable suggestions, ideas, and innovative concepts.

This also ensures that your project has been thought from every angle, providing you with the best outcome alongside your brief.

  1. Streamline Process

We have streamlined the process from Sketch Plan to Building Permit, to ensure that your project will move along as smoothly and promptly as possible.

This process also ensures that the minimum amount of hiccups occur, and if they pop up, how to resolve them ASAP.

We provide a full service for our clients, and if we aren’t able to do the work, we’ll find you someone who can!