Dual Occupancies

If you’re a first time property developer or have done a couple of developments before, the processes and uncertainties can be extremely frustrating. That’s why we’re here!

We have completed small projects such as one dwelling in addition to an existing dwelling OR much larger projects of up to 20 apartments!

Property development is not just building something on the land! It includes any of the following:

  • building a new home
  • renovating and/or extending an existing house
  • getting permission to put two or more houses/units on a block of land
  • getting a building permit for a development (like the one just mentioned) or
  • doing the building or construction itself!

Some of the above will require a Planning Permit, which is permission from the local Council to use the land in a certain way, whereas other developments will only need a Building Permit.

Call us before you buy land, we can help and advise you!

If a property is being sold as a potential development site you will see the letters “STCA” in the marketing material which means property development is ‘subject to council approval’. A quick call to us can save you.

Property may be sold with one or both permits in place. A planning permit is issued for a site and not to a person or corporation, therefore someone may develop the land to get a planning permit and then sell the land at this point.

The new owner/s can then proceed to the next stage to get a building permit (to construct). The application for a building permit must be for the same design as approved in the planning permit unless an application for a minor amendment is submitted and approved.

Of course, the new owners may wish to do a completely different development and they can submit a new application for a different design.

Property sales regularly occur with both permits in place and the purchaser can construct the proposed development.

“Is My Project Possible…?”

Are you wondering if the project you have in mind is possible? Find out, for free! From renovations, to multi-unit developments, a complimentary 45 minute “Is My Project Possible…?” consultation is exactly what you need to have the confidence to turn your plans, into a reality.

Your consultation will include:

  • Site specific consultation
  • Desk top analysis of your site
  • Site visit if appropriate
  • Feasibility Assessment

With our dedication, knowledge, experience and strong council relationships we have a proven 96% success rate with town planning. Your project is our number one priority and we are on this journey with you every step of the way.

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