Property Development

If you're an experienced property developer you will know the town planning process can be frustrating and involve a number of uncertainties.

We've done thousands of applications and have a great record achieving a 95% success rate for achieving permits and are well qualified to help you too!

We understand your frustrations may include:
  • delays
  • holding costs
  • availability of consultants
and we realise you may also be looking for some or all of the following with your project:
  • yield (maximum usage of the site)
  • cost effective design
  • economic building costs
  • appropriate designs for your target market

Our experience and cutting edge systems allow us to address all of the above to your advantage so you have the best chance of achieving the result you want.

We understand the urgency and risk attached to large property developments and therefore we will be working with you to streamline the process and make it run as smoothly as possible.

You may be familiar with the plans and documentations required to be submitted to Council as part of your application, however the checklist is here if you would like it!

Town planning

Your success is our success and we will work with you and liaise with Council and other consultants to give you the best chance of success.