Our tailored, flexible & proven process

If you need a building designed or a permit and you're frustrated by not knowing where to start, the costs involved and how long the process may take and you're worried you may not get the project you want then we have our tailored, flexible & proven process.

We offer a complimentary, 45 minute 'Is My Project Possible...?' consultation and have a 95% success rate with permit applications!

It's perfect for you if you want a clear strategy, guidance on cost & a realistic timeframe estimate before you even start. This means you'll have peace of mind in knowing whether it's worthwhile before you spend time and money.

We offer a personalised service to you and we will make every effort on your behalf throughout the process to obtain a positive result. We take into account the individual and specific requirements of your project.

Your greatest advantage is the combination of our knowledge, experience and understanding together with our ability to liaise with Council and/or industry consultants. We work through any issues and minimise confusion about a very complex process.

LBD process diagram

LBD process diagram

To ensure you have the best chance of obtaining your permit...

  • we work with you on your design,
  • make recommendations,
  • anticipate where problems may arise, and
  • guide you through the process.

Our team has the ability to provide a professional service covering all aspects of the Building Design and the planning process so you have less confusion and frustration and achieve the outcomes you need.

Our expertise, knowledge of the planning process and experience in liaising with Councils has earned us a 95% success rate.

We know many external consultants so you don't have to find them!

If your project requires the services of external consultants and you don't want to undertake hours of checking their professional qualifications, experience and suitability. We can find them for you!

We work with a wide range of trusted professionals who add their expertise so you have all aspects of your application covered. Our trusted contacts include:

  • Building Surveyors
  • Land Surveyors
  • Engineers
  • Town Planners
  • Arborists