Mark Kershaw is Lateral Building Design’s Practice Manager. As a designer and practice manager, it’s fair to say he is a pretty busy guy. When he’s not working with clients, he’s working on projects or managing the talented LBD design and drafting team.

As a designer, Mark loves working with clients and achieving a result that exceeds their expectations. While his design focus is on larger projects and multiple dwellings, he still really enjoys being a part of smaller projects. Mark believes that his clients’ ideas and designs should not only look great but also be practical. Analysing projects from every angle, gives him the insight to make fine adjustments which can change the whole flow of a design.

Why the building and design industry?

Mark’s interest in building and design started at a young age. His father was in the building industry and would often show Mark the projects he was working on. This interest and love of building and design remained with him, and he went on to become a draftsperson.

With over 25 years’ experience in the industry, Mark has the knowledge and expertise to take on design challenges, revelling in the success of making something work when it seems impossible.

His Favourite Project

While Mark enjoys working on all types of projects, the larger, more open multiple home developments would be his favourite. Designed for a specific end of the market, these properties not only have a sense of proportion and space, but they present an opportunity for Mark to work with developers with the common goal of producing the best practical, quality design.

When he’s not designing

When Mark isn’t designing and juggling multiple projects, he’s indulging in some of his many interests.

He has a love of cars and motorsport. In fact, during lockdown he built himself a sim racing rig and spent time driving virtual cars on famous racetracks and roads all over the world.

He’s a keen photographer always in search of that special shot and thinks nothing of travelling great distances to get that one great pic.

Other interests include watching movies – classics in particular, cycling, gardening (mainly the enjoyable tasks!), taking time out in Phillip Island or simply just relaxing by the fire pit on a wintery Sunday afternoon.

As someone with extensive design experience and varied interests, Mark is well placed to bring individuality to his client’s design projects.

If you have a design project you would like to discuss with Mark, give him a call at Lateral Building Design on 9729 4973.