Ironically, businesses all over the globe are closing their doors, to remain open. These are strange times, however it’s truly inspiring to see so many business owners thinking creatively to adapt their business models, services, and products to comply with current restrictions, whilst keeping their business afloat.

From Gin distilleries transforming into hand sanitiser factories, books being delivered by bike, to dance classes being broadcast from the lounge room, there are endless opportunities when it comes to adapting our business services to create opportunity during a time of inevitable change. Specific guidelines and regulations exist to ensure appropriate use of your land, property or business.

Change of Use Permits – What are they?

Different councils require different information, and set out different processes to grant permission for business’s or individuals to change the use of their land or property. What is consistent, is that council will require certain information in order to properly assess your application to change the use of your property against the planning controls within your municipality. So as that your application can be processed as quickly as possible, which is especially important at the moment, it is important that all the relevant information is included in your application – which can be time consuming.

If you have an innovative way you can adapt your business to make the most of the current climate, we can help you to navigate through the requirements of your local council, and using our experience and expertise in gaining successful planning/building permits, have you on your way to putting your plan, into action.

Our team can provide accurate and efficient advice around what information you will need to provide to Council when applying for a planning permit to change how you would like to use your land and/or buildings on that land.

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