The team at Lateral Building Design have launched the new LBD Studio located in Bayswater, Victoria. The opening night was supported by past & present clients, alliances and consultants who we have built strong working relationships for over 17 years.

The Lateral Building Design Studio was a 2 year concept in the making for business owners Donna & John. The space was once a factory and in keeping with the bones of the building we opted for an industrial theme. In the lead up to us opening the doors we were busy building and painting walls and creating a space that is true to LBD and our clients. Much time was spent working closely with quality suppliers and alliances to give our clients the opportunity to customise their home inside and out.

About the studio.

Clients will be inspired by products, textures, finishes and colours within our 3 departments – Personal Interiors, Creative Landscapes & Experienced Exteriors.

Our building designers will work closely with our clients to transform their plans into a reflection of their style and taste. We’ll offer plenty of inspiration and style advice along the way as you take on your building plans & permits with Lateral Building Design.

The studio will be opened via appointments only so that our clients can get the most bang for their buck in a personalised and informative consultation. You’ll browse through supplier product samples and brochures alongside our friendly designers who are dedicated to customising the look of your project inside and out. We’ll shape it to your chosen style and ensure that you finish the consult with a crystal clear vision of how your home will look.

The studio is home to over 120 different supplier brochures and samples so you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing your finishes. Our expert designers have years of experience and an eye for detail, styles and trends so you are in good hands.

While the LBD Studio will expand on existing services it also creates other opportunities for our beloved community. We will hold product development seminars for other businesses such as real estate agents, mortgage brokers and to the general public. The studio can also be a great place for your next venue hire.

If you are considering a renovation, sub division, a new home build or unit complex we can offer you a complimentary 45 minute “is my project possible…?”™ consultation. Book in a time with our friendly team of experts where we can guide you successfully into making your dreams a reality.