We are pleased to introduce to our readers La Tink, one of our talented alliance partners.

Latinka, the brainchild behind La Tink, and Bianca presented to our team a while ago and we reconnected at Women on the Go in August 2019. The timing was perfect as we were in the midst of organising our LBD Studio and seeing many mutual benefits invited La Tink to join us in an alliance partnership. The beautiful custom made screens would divide the LBD Studio and give them an opportunity to showcase their stunning products to our clients. Further, La Tink made them mobile, enabling our building designers the opportunity to give our clients perspective regarding room sizes for example.

La Tink and her A-team have designed and produced the custom made privacy panels which can now be viewed down at our studio along with stunning metal planter boxes. These products are perfect for any home owner and add a touch of difference to your exteriors. With custom made options and gift ideas you’ll be sure to find a unique product that is built to last.

About La Tink

La Tink is a trendsetting retailer, offering Australian made first class metal fabricated products. They provide high quality, beautiful stock, which is custom made to your requirements, truly making it unique for your home.

Founded by Latinka Cubitt in 2017, La Tink was created when Latinka had an idea to make her friends custom Christmas wreaths as a gift – using the facilities she had at Catten Industries. This “side project” turned commercial when interest grew through word of mouth.

Latinka is the Owner and General Manager at Catten Industries, alongside her husband, Ian. Catten Industries is a sheet metal manufacturing company, based in Bayswater, Victoria. Latinka, Ian and their 3 children all work alongside each other at Catten Industries, utilising their unique skill sets amongst the business.

Latinka works alongside her daughters, Nicole and Bianca to create the beautiful products of La Tink.

Although La Tink is predominately an online store, the La Tink team often work the Victorian Craft Market circuits, to connect with their customer base. This allows the team to listen to their customers’ needs and can adapt their product designs to fit with their customer’s lifestyles.

La Tink’s vision is to create your perfect, unique decorative product, using our in-house design team and services including laser cutting, powder coating, welding and folding.

By using materials such as mild steel, corten, modwood and timber, we aim to make long lasting, sustainable products that can withhold weather, while maintaining its extremely high quality.

All our products are designed and fabricated at Catten Industries Pty Ltd, Located in Bayswater, Vic.