When you look at your home’s storage areas what do you see? Organised order or cluttered hoarder?

With winter behind us and spring in the air, it’s a good time to declutter those storage areas around the home.

After having our windows shut and doors closed during the frosty winter months we now get to welcome beautiful spring days by opening up the house and letting the sunshine and fresh air in. It also means it is the season to Spring Clean and organise those areas that seem to have a way with piling up the mess.

You know those areas we’re talking about. Those storage spots around the house that seem to be magnets to the clutter. Well now is the time to sort, declutter and organise with some of Lateral Building Designs Spring Cleaning tips.

Firstly, it pays to be ‘in the zone’ when you want to embark on a cleaning mission. What helps to get into the zone is recalling how great it felt when you last organised those areas. Did you know that studies have shown that a disorganised home adds to your stress level?

Wardrobes, pantry, home office and storage cupboards are suckers for disorder so knowing that everything has a place will bring a sense of calm into your home.

To begin, make a list. We find having a list broken down into rooms will help you get through spring cleaning a whole lot easier and it can feel less overwhelming. It also pays to not forget the external areas of the home such as the shed or garage that can also add to your storage wars.

Once you’ve completed the list, the fun begins. Yes that’s right, spring cleaning can actually spark joy – just ask Marie Kondo! So hit the play button on your favourite playlist and get started.

For clearing the clutter just remember these three words – Bin, Keep or Donate. Use this for all your storage areas and it will make this task a whole lot easier. There is even a chance to sell some of the unwanted items to make a few extra bucks. Ebay and Marketplace are great for offloading items you no longer have use for and in return can line your pockets with money! That sparks some joy right?!

Once you have sorted using the bin, keep or donate you then get to organise, store and label. The kitchen pantry and that junk cupboard are great for this. You can pick up some containers and labels and get going on establishing a place for each item. For your wardrobes you can colour co-ordinate clothes and space saver out of season items.

For the linen closet, baskets can be a life saver in creating specific areas for your bedding and towels resulting in more space in a tiny cupboard.

Who doesn’t want more space around the home right!

The team at Lateral Building Design are experienced in adding ample space and storage areas to your home designs and renovations during the planning stages. We have some great tips on utilising dead space that would otherwise go unused. Our friendly team are here to help so why not give us a call on 03 9729 4973!

Image from one of our projects in Ringwood